Where #YEGChefs Eat

February 12, 2016

It was a busy evening at a local gastropub; in the midst of the chefs yelling out each order as they were ready for service, glasses clinking together as people laughed and conversed over their meals, came a single yet profound thought: “I wonder what and where that Chef eats on their day off?”, Sam asked Steph as she pointed over to the bar where a chef effortlessly displayed his impressive knife skills. This is the inspiration behind the #YEGFood team’s next series of posts “Where #YEGChefs Eat”. Keep tuning in, as we interview local talent in the #YEG hospitality industry for some of their favourite dishes and go-to places in this city.


Red Ox Inn: Chef Sean O’Connor


“Grilled cheese and a beer.”


Sean O’Connor
Role: Head Chef at Red Ox Inn
Years in the Industry:  10 years
@redoxinn | Red Ox Inn

What is your favourite restaurant and your go-to dish?
When I’m not at the restaurant, I’m usually eating at home – simple stuff like salads, chilli, things that I can make big pots of and enjoy for a few days. When I go out my favourite places are Corso 32, my favourite is their arancini, and Izakaya Tomo for their Tonpei Yaki.

What is your favourite dish to make at home?
My favourite dish to cook at home is a grilled cheese. I’ll sometimes make it fancy with fontina and cheddar cheese, black pepper and fresh sage. There’s always ketchup included.

What is your comfort food?
Grilled cheese and a beer.


Izakaya Tomo’s Tonpei Yaki

XIX Nineteen: Chef Ann Raquino


“I stalk T&T for fresh uni so that I can make uni pasta at home.”


Ann Raquino
Role: The philosophy behind head chef Andrew Fung of Nineteen, is that he doesn’t believe in titles, because a title doesn’t determine your skills. Therefore I do not currently hold a title, but I switch between 3 stations: salad, grill, and pan.
Years in the Industry: 2 years
@annzkie07 | XIX

What is your favourite restaurant and your go-to dish?
After a long day at work, my coworkers and I always go somewhere to eat. Izakaya Tomo is always the first restaurant in mind. They serve very good Japanese food and their sushi is awesome! Tako Yaki and Mentaiko udon are definitely our favorites, but when it’s in season: Uni.

What is your comfort food?
My comfort food, if not my mom’s cooking, it would be Japanese food, sushi in particular, or a good Korean meal.

What is your favourite dish to make at home?
I love making pasta dishes for my family. I stalk T&T for fresh uni so that I can make uni pasta at home.


Ann makes us her favourite XIX dish, the Brome Lake Duck.

Ann with her Head Chef Rino Lam.


Photography by Nicholas Yee | Kurt Bugasto
By Steph Mejia and Sam Sush

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