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February 17, 2016

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Drawing artists & designers from all levels of experience, the PARK Emerging Artist & Designer Forum is an educational weekend event focused on teaching attendees how to grow and sustain their businesses in the creative industry.

With high-value informational sessions and workshops showcasing the expertise and innovative insights of industry professionals, the Forum sets the stage for the incubation of this knowledge, as well as the opportunity to network with Western Canada’s creative leaders and work together to further redefine artistic culture within the city’s landscape.

Sessions will include art and fashion-specific topics, as well as broader topics that are valuable to any business owner in the creative industry. The information and insights offered, as well as workshop activities and take-home materials provided, will ensure that every Forum attendee concludes the event feeling informed and thoroughly inspired to apply what they have learned within their own practices.

The Edmonton Forum Speakers:

Alyssa Lau – New Classics Studios
Topic: Presenting Your Collection: The Buying Process

Leslie McNeilly – CAMP BRAND GOODS
Topic: Grassroots Social Media: Just the Tips with Leslie McNeilly

Quan Ly & Randall McCrae – Chartered Accountant for McRally
Topic: Accounting For Your Success

Kris Harvey – Culture Collective
Topic: The Power of Collaboration

Emily Deveaux – School of Retailing
Topic: Creativity to Conversion

Beverly Gan- PARK Education Coordinator
Topic: Intro to Production

Ken Bautista: Startup Edmonton
Topic: The Hacker Way- How “Generation Entrepreneur” is Redefining the Workforce

Neetu Sidhu: ATB FInancial
Topic: “Crowdfunding – The New Way to Launch a Business

Tickets for each forum can be purchased at the following:
Edmonton: http://ourparkonline.ticketleap.com/parkforumedmonton2016/

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