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March 2016


Michael Sharp

March 30, 2016

As an intellectual property lawyer, Mike Sharp has his finger on the pulse of the innovation taking place in Edmonton. Mike shares some tips on how to turn your ideas into a business and how to further protect those business ideas.
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Kyla Kazeil

March 24, 2016

Kyla Kazeil is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. As co-owner of The Bamboo Ballroom, the Bamboo Stockroom, The Common and 9910, she spends every day with her partners (who are also her best friends), her employees and her customers.  Combining her passion for music, culture, fashion and our city, Kyla works hard everyday to build a successful empire and inadvertently, has become a strong female leader to hundreds.

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Carla Cuglietta

March 10, 2016

Carla Cuglietta, co-founder of We Stand and volunteer extraordinaire, is an inspiration to youth and her peers. Carla exhibits passion for giving back, both locally and globally, and epitomizes Global Leadership. She is a proponent of social change and is now focused on youth leadership in Edmonton, as she returns from China’s We Stand Summit and prepares for the We Stand #YEG Summit on April 13th. She is also part of the #YEGFORWARD Movement, a peer-to-peer group that enables young professionals under 40 to give back to their community while incurring leadership skills.

Juggling a career, a husband, and her extensive volunteer work, Carla epitomizes service and care. Thank you Carla for taking the time to share your past experiences abroad, your upcoming adventures and how you do it all!

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How to: Pasta in Your Casa

March 4, 2016

At YEGPeople, we understand many of our fellow Edmontonians are weathering the storm during the current economic downturn. As the cost of produce and food in general increases, the YEGFood team wanted to share a simple cost-saving solution to help our readers eat like kings, but spend like peasants. Continue Reading