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January 2016


Style, Living and Life with Erin Ross

January 29, 2016

Meet Erin Ross: Edmonton-born artist and quintessential style-savvy sweetheart, and YEGpeople’s first style feature. Erin invited us into her home to talk fashion and fun in the city, as well as her experience as a thriving artist in Edmonton. We immediately fell in love with her apartment —which is in many ways a reflection of her artwork— vibrant and chic with sentimental pieces scattered throughout. She does an amazing job at keeping a small home beautifully organized, and takes no shortcuts when it comes to stylishly curating her space.

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John Ahn

January 28, 2016

John Ahn loves food. He left his successful marketing career to open up a restaurant with zero experience (aside from what he learned on Youtube) and hasn’t looked back since. John’s story is a great example that taking the risk of following your dream is risky and difficult but the satisfaction of the adventure is well worth the leap.

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#FRYDay Guide: Chicken for the Soul

January 21, 2016


Underneath a crispy shell of golden perfection, awaits a moist, juicy bite of meat. Possibly one of the best fried foods known to mankind: The Fried Chicken.

So what makes up the perfect Fried Chicken? The way the batter adheres to the chicken and the temperature of the oil are essential in achieving a glistening, crunchy skin. An already marinated piece of chicken is tossed and coated in flour prior to being dipped in a liquid, usually eggs. Before it hits the hot oil, it is tossed in flour once more. This process is known to make fried chicken that is crowd-pleasing, crispy, lip-smacking and, above all, delicious.
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Featured Event: The Walls Have Eyes

January 19, 2016


Artists Trevor ‘Curly’ Peters and Alex Labarda invite viewers to their wold of fantastic yet familiar characters. Paying homage to 80’s New York graffiti artists, Trevor and Alex’s works inhabit unusual environments and recreated walls, buffed over multiple times.  It also serves as a strong visual component juxtaposed with graffiti inspired shapes, letters and characters. While some of the works are inspired by pop culture, leaning towards the hip hop aesthetic, these fairytale narratives often contain a darker and sinister tone addressing specific social and environmental issues. Continue Reading


15 Bang for Your Buck Belly Bursting Meals for Under $15

January 8, 2016


Happy New Year, fellow YEG People!

As we welcome 2016, most of us can agree that our stomachs are a little fuller and our wallets a lot emptier. Before 2015 came to an end, the #YEGFood team went on a mission to find Edmonton’s best ‘bang-for-your-buck’ meal options. If you’re planning a night out, or need something on-the-go, our list of 15 meals for under $15 will help your money-saving resolutions for 2016.

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